The Courtney Difference:  

As your transformational coach, together we develop a foundation that overcomes limiting beliefs that have held you back and sabotaged your past fitness attempts. Together, we set you up for a mindset of success, creating sustainable change,,, from the inside out.

Do you:

  • Wish you had a better relationship with food?
  • Wish you loved your body?
  • Wish you knew where to start?

Have you:

  • Paid for gym memberships you never used?
  • Set goals and never reached them?
  • Talked mad sh!t to yourself for falling short?

Guess what loves!  So. Have. I.   And guess what?  There’s hope.   Ask yourself.  Honestly. What goes through your mind when you think about your health and fitness goals?    As your transformational coach, together we develop a foundation that overcomes limiting beliefs that have held you back and sabotaged your past attempts, we set you up for a mindset of success.   Are you as excited as I am that we found each other?

Are You Ready To:

Feel passionate about your health and lifestyle?

To love and appreciate your body both for how it looks, as well as what it is able to accomplish?

[ >> Yes << ]

Be honest.  Fully honest.  About your health and mindset in a supportive, judgment free space that allows growth?

[ >> So About This << ]

To have the next 12 weeks of your life be the best 12 weeks of your life using a plan that supports you like never before?  Where you don’t have to let go of everything you know and are invited to truly listen to your body?

A 60 day commitment which brings ongoing compounded support in the form of:


Why this matters:  Bodies in motion, stay in motion.

Understand the “why” of your workout, so the “when” is actually exciting.


Why this matters:  Goals are the mile markers on the pathway to transformation.

If a goal falls down in the woods and nobody’s around to hear it, did it happen?  As your coach, I’m there with you for the ups of celebration, and the honesty, opportunity, and adjustment of setbacks.


Why this matters: Community is KEY to success.

Surround yourself with like minded women who are in this with you. Imagine having a support system and tribe of women who get it and are literally in the same space you are in!


Why this matters: Feed Your Mind Feed Your Soul

Empower your mind with lesson plans that are bite-sized and all of the exact information YOU need to be successful on this journey. Through this four week course, i will take you from eating sugar to having a toolbox full of tools you can apply to anything in your life.


Why this matters:  Stuff’s gonna come up.

Resistance. Excuses. Negative Self Talk. We discuss and overcome.  Honestly.

Take on 4 intense 45-minute group coaching calls and get laser-focused on your goals!


Why this matters: Membership always has its privileges.  

Fit and Fabulous behind the scenes action, exclusive member-only content, and first dibs on sister-programs that I know you’ll love. It’s like a Wine of the Month club, only in Members Only, it’s always happy hour and you’re always VIP.

Nutrition Expert

I found Courtney through my blog – – she commented regularly so I checked out her website and her blog. Talking to Courtney in person helped me so much to sort out difficulties I had, answering questions, recapping my week and setting new goals. The goal setting was a big part of our work together and it helped me to achieve Little Things every week and see my progress. Courtney also taught me about affirmations, I cannot imagine my life without them anymore. She is a professional and qualified coach. Need motivation and encouragement to start a healthy lifestyle and a positive attitude? Ask her. 

Lucy Fendler


Working with Courtney over the last four months has been more than I could have ever asked for. She has not only been my trainer physically but my mentor mentally. I was always intimidated by the gym and thought I could NEVER lift weights. When I started with her I couldn’t even do 1 push-up. Well, now I can say I’m addicted to working out and eating healthy. She has taught me so much about fitness but also about creating a healthy lifestyle which has helped me in so many ways physically and mentally. From her invigorating workouts to her yummy healthy meal plans I would absolutely recommend working with Courtney!!

Donna Levy


Courtney’s coaching really changed me. My biggest struggle has not been working out, it has been food. I am an emotional eater and for years, I’d hire a coach, lose weight then gain it back because all I was ever doing was dieting. When I started working with Courtney, she taught me how to get the phrase “dieting” out of my head. We did some amazing work on finding out what triggers my stress and it wasn’t this “just don’t eat that when you feel stressed” it was a simple yet loving phrase of asking “Why am I feeling this way?” And just being present in the fact that I was turning to food for comfort. That phrase alone has helped me tremendously. Courtney isn’t just a fitness coach, she really is an amazing life coach. I’ve never had a trainer help me get down the root issues of my stress eating. I did lose weight and body fat working with her but to me, that’s not the real victory, it was learning how to manage my habits in the midst of stress! I’ve never had a coach care that much. I am forever grateful. Thank you, Courtney!!

Lorena Lopez

Travel Writer

Questions that matter, because I’m listening and I care.

What is it costing me to continue to feel unhealthy?

Would you love to find out what your body is truly capable of when operating at it’s highest level?  

What else could I accomplish in my life if I were operating, physically, mentally, at a greater level?  

What gifts do you have that the world needs you at your best to deliver?  

What would the ripple effect of pure awesome be…

If your awesomeness spilled over into the lives of your friends and families, what would that mean to you?  

What would other areas of my life improve if I made this investment in myself?  

Being Fit Fierce and Fabulous isn’t something you turn off.  Once you’ve got it girl, you carry that with you like a not-so-invisible crown.  What would areas of your life say ‘holy shit!’ if you showed up at 110%?  Wanna find out?  

If improving my health and well being are like compounded interest… and I make a small investment now, what will that mean to my health and wellbeing in 10, 20 and 30 years?