Welcome to Operation Bootycamp 1.0:

This Program Features:

  • Tabata Style Workouts: These workouts are INTENSE but will maximize the 4 minutes! Each movement is done for 20 seconds with a rest period of 10 seconds before going on to the next exercise. Each video is FULL LENGTH and follow along so feel free to use these during any program for a boost or even when you travel! Most of them require no equipment.
  • Workout Time: 4 Minute Tabata Style

The Workout Program

Full Body Tabata

Jump Rope Tabata

Full Body Dumbbell Tabata

Waist Trimmer

Belly Burner Workout

Booty Builder Workout

Leg Burner Workout

Ab Blaster Workout

Kettlebell Full Body Workout

Step Cardio

Kettlebell Sizzler

Kettlebell Sizzler

Full Body 1

Full Body 2