Connect with a Community of Women Just Like You

This program is UNIQUE and unlike anything else on the web because it gives you access to motivation and accountability EVERY day inside the PRIVATE member’s only group! You can post your questions, get answers from me and the other members!

A Community  That’s As Unique As You Are

The Fit and Fabulous Club is a unique community that lets you connect and network with other girl bosses, stay motivated, and do it in a way that respects your time!

Get Quick, Effective Workouts You Can Do At Home

Lack of time can be a huge issue as to why you may have put your workout program on the back burner…What if I told you that in just 20 minutes a day you could transform your body, clear your mind and get HEALTHY with a group of women just like you!

Your Membership Includes:

Quick, Effective Workouts Plans to Get You Motivated and ON Track with Follow Along Videos, New Plans Added Monthly

√ Access to a Workout Library with HOW TO’s and Tutorials

√ Private Member Forum to Support You on Your Journey and Hold you Accountable- Make friends, get coaching from me and SUPPORT!

√ Meal Plans, Recipes Guides and Meal Prep Tips, New Recipes Added Monthly

√ Live Streaming Q+A/Mastermind Every Week, Connect with Other Members and SLAY your business


√:  Access to Jumpstart in 10 Day Challenge Meal Plan and Workout Program to Set You Up for Success

: Access to any program I create through the time of your membership!

: Access to a Smartphone APP with your Workouts, Check-ins and Messenger with ME!

The Only Workout Program You Will EVER Need

The Fit and Fabulous Club is the ONLY Community where you get connections, workouts, and nutrition all in one stop!


Quick, Effective Workouts that BURN fat, clear your MIND and get you RESULTS!

New Plans delivered MONTHLY!


You need the proper nutrition to keep your energy high! Let me take care of you and share throw together TASTY recipes that will keep you going strong!



Be held accountable with our accountability group and share your progress, results and ask questions!



Tired of networking only to find women who you have nothing in common with? Join a community of women who will LIFT you up, support you and boost your business! PRIVATE COMMUNITY


>Who is this membership for?<
I created this membership with a GIRL BOSS lifestyle in mind. If you are out slaying your business and looking back at yourself wondering what happened and how you put on the weight, you need this membership! As women we need all the confidence and SUPPORT we can get, it’s a rough world out there and as a female entrepreneur myself, I GET IT! I know what it takes to rise to the top, I know how hard it is to FIT it all in but if you have SUPPORT and a SYSTEM you will GET THERE! I want to help you take your fitness to the next level, I want to make it possible for you TO MAKE HEALTHY CHOICES no matter what and I will personally be in the group to guide you and answer questions, IMAGINE having a PERSONAL TRAINER, a NUTRITIONIST and a COMMUNITY of women just like YOU in ONE PLACE!

>How long do I stay in the program and can I cancel anytime?<
There is no ANNUAL contract so you can cancel at any time, just contact my support team at and they will take care of you. Just like any other membership, you will be billed monthly, but you can stay a member as long as you would like to!
As long as you are getting value from the programs and staying involved with the ladies and me as your coach you should stay!
Many women who have worked with me find the motivation alone holds them accountable and having a program with everything mapped out for you makes committing to your health that much easier! Let me do all the thinking for you, you have a business to grow!

>How fast does this work?<
Instantly FEEL better after you workout with me! Start having more energy and flushing out the negative junk that is stopping you from SLAYING your business. Imagine having the ENERGY you need to serve your customers, imagine feeling a JOLT of creative energy and being able to SERVE the way you want without setbacks! You will feel amazing once you workout and change your eating habits, I guarantee it!

>>What equipment do I need?<
Yes, you need equipment, if you want FAST results you have to challenge your body and by using equipment results happen faster. I suggest making a ONE TIME investment on a jump rope, a 5 lb set of dumbbells, a 10 lb set of dumbbells, a kettlebell at 10-15 lb and one at 40-50 lbs. Sometimes I use equipment around the house like a stepping stool but none of this is required but highly suggested in order to get MAXIMUM results with this program and future programs.

>How much time do I need to dedicate?<
The BEAUTY of this all being online is YOU have the choice when and where you want to do these workouts. Speaking at a conference? Bring along your jump rope and lets SWEAT together, have to wake up early to fit in your 20 minutes with me, go on ahead! No schedule conflicts, NO unnecessary driving time! The meal plan takes minutes to throw together, all I ask if you dedicate 1 hour a week to grocery shopping or you can even have these things delivered right to your door! I have all the tips you need to FIT a healthy lifestyle into YOUR lifestyle!