How to Enter Meals

What is the best way to Track Your Macros?

Tools You Need:

  • Myfitnesspal account: It has a large database of food and allows you to track your food intake on your smartphone and even allows you to scan in your foods, it is free!
  • Food Scale, Measuring Cups and Spoons to ensure you measure out everything properly, YES if you want to eat what you want YOU must measure and weigh everything!
  • Your Exact Macronutrients: Make sure to use the macronutrient ratios I email to you, these are custom and created for you to reach your goals! Every Friday you will upload a photo in the Trainerize app so I can adjust your macronutrients if need be!

Starter Macro Tips:

  • Keep it Simple: Take a deep breath. I know the first week or two might be overwhelming, I know how it is trying to learn something new but trust me when I say once you get it down it becomes second nature!
  • Prepare your Protein and Carbs: Eating protein at every meal can be hard if you don’t have your protein on hand. I am big on cooking up a batch of chicken, turkey burgers, salmon,
  • For BEST results Count Everything: YES everything, fruits, gum, sauces, kombucha, everything! Listen, those grams add up and our goal is to hit those grams by 5, so if you are 5 off for the day that is fine or 5 over that is fine. Focus on those numbers and even that sugar free gum has carbohydrates!  
  • Sweeten Things on Your Own: Instead of wasting your carbs on sugars use stevia, unsweetened almond milk, double check sauces for sugars and use stevia syrups instead of sugar ones. Sugar eats up a lot of your carb grams and why waste them if you don’t have to!
  • Use USDA fruit and veggie for the search term: People add their own entries in myfitnesspal so make sure you sue the USDA approved macronutrients to overall get the best results.
  • Just Because it’s Healthy Doesn’t Mean You Should Eat It All: The biggest mistake I see with people on diets and why they don’t lose weight is they overeat the healthy foods. Our bodies need a certain amount of protein, fat and carbs whether they are healthy or not, if you eat 5 cups of quinoa which is equivalent to 1,100 calories, 145 grams of carbs, 40 grams of protein, and 20 grams of fat plus all the other food you eat that day you will gain weight. Focus on the overall macronutrients of food!
  • You Get to EAT more if you eat CLEAN: Like I said, you can eat as much as you want as long as it fits in your macronutrients. Eating clean foods like chicken, fish, turkey, lean beef, brown rice, brown rice cakes, nuts, seeds and coconut oil you can eat a LOT more food versus eating cupcakes, cakes and crusted chicken. You will also feel a heck of a lot better and have TONS more energy! The point of counting macros is that you can eat delicious clean foods but still have some oreos and make it all fit into your goals!
  • Don’t be afraid to not eat an entire serving size: On packages it gives you a serving size of a product, you do not have to follow this at all! When searching in Myfitnesspal you can search Cooked brown rice gram to enter in whatever amount of grams makes sense for that meal (maybe it’s like 124 grams) or instead of a serving of 3 oreos you only can fit 2, type in oreo in the search area and scroll until you find where you can enter how many.

In Depth MyFitnessPal Tutorial

Welcome to How to Use MyFitnessPal! I know what its like to get started on this journey and using all of these tools can be CRAZY! Just know that the first few days of set up might be hectic but once you get it all set up it is EASY from there!

Let’s get into MyFitnessPal, the app required for you to use to get the BEST results with this program.

How to Enter Your Macros That I Give You:

  • Open the app
  • Type in the calories I give to you then click carbohydrates and make sure it is on the %, now match the grams as close as you can to the ones I calculate for you. Remember these can be off by 5 so if I tell you 200 grams of carbs and it says 202 you are fine. The % must line up to 100%. Click the check mark! You are good to go!

How Does This Work?

  • At the end of the day our bodies need a certain amount of protein, fats and carbs to perform properly, if you spent all day counting calories and ate 1200 calories of twinkies, and I ate 1500 calories of oatmeal, chicken, egg whites, green beans and 1 twinkie I would lose weight and look a lot better than you! Macronutrients matter way more than calories!
  • Our bodies produce insulin whether we eat oreo’s or bananas. What you need to understand is that you can eat more banana’s then you can oreo’s so eating a MORE clean based diet is preferred but I want to make it possible for you to be able to eat some tacos and cookies now and then, again if it FITS your macros it FITS! Speaking in terms of weight and fat loss not overall health from the vitamins and minerals of whole foods, you can essentially eat bad foods in the same macronutrient distribution and maintain the same progress.
  • Your body produces a different insulin response based upon the different forms of carbohydrates that you provide. This would be your high glycemic index foods (most of the time more processed foods) versus your lower glycemic index foods (typical sweet potato, brown rice, oatmeal). Stable insulin response is good for many reasons including fat loss, however if you maintain a balance of both high and low, this is still a stable insulin response that your body becomes used to.

Things To Look Out For in Recording Your Food:

  • It can be FALSE, be sure to double check that the macros make sense, if you are eating rice and the carbs say 0 you know something is up, look for another entry instead. This happens because people are allowed to enter their own macronutrients for foods and sometimes people are lazy and don’t fill out the most important part!
    • Scan labels when you can!
  • You can’t put in the EXACT grams for your Goals, be sure to know your goal macros, I will do my best to give you the percent ratios that make sense and remember as long as you are within 5 grams you will reach your goals!
  • Never LET my Fitness Pal set your goals for you, the app has NO idea what your body shape it, how hard you are about to workout or anything like that so please use the ones I set for you!
  • Turn OFF the workout chart, because you don’t use a heart rate monitor the app cannot judge or factor this all in for you. Please stick to the macros I give you and be sure to turn off workout/exercise.
    • To do that go to MORE, STEPS then Don’t TRACK steps

How Long Should I Wait to Adjust my Macros?

  • Every Friday you will check in with me with a photo, I adjust your macros from there, I usually wait at least 2 weeks before I make changes as sometimes it takes our bodies a minute to respond.

How Do I Eat What I Want?

  • Let’s say you LOVE oreo’s, before you start your day put your oreo’s into myFitnessPal whether you eat them in the AM or in the afternoon. I like to put all my treats in before I start the day so I know exactly when/where I need to adjust the rest of my food. 3 Oreo’s are 160 calories, 7g of fat, 25 g of carbs and 2g of protein so I may not be able to eat all my brown rice at lunch that I normally eat and maybe a eat a bit less of my peanut butter that day to fit those in.
  • Think of Macros like a bank account, if you place your carbs for the day on frozen yogurt then maybe eating oatmeal and toast isn’t the best idea, see what fits in the macros I give you.
  • Aim to eat 80/20 everyday, most of the food you consume should be clean, organic nourishing food, the other 20% can be oreo’s, cookies and ice cream, just make sure to plan it out and make it FIT!

If you have any questions please comment below!

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