Welcome Video and What to Expect

In this video I go over:

  • What to expect in this course
  • My journey as a vegan
  • How to prepare for the course

Lesson 1: Macronutrients for Vegans

Macronutrients are so important because it can be so easy to stick to just two food groups, carbs and fats. You need to make sure you eat enough protein and eat a good combo of each. Watch this video to learn more.

Below you will find a PDF print out for your groceries.

Lesson 2: Pre/Post Workout Nutrition

What you eat before and after a workout is crucial especially when you have a goal to reach. For optimal performance, you need certain nutrients to fuel your body and I want to share exactly what and when you need to eat to reach your goals. Whether that goal is losing weight or gaining muscle, I will break it down for you.

Download the PDF below for a list of suggested supplements and protein powders.

Lesson 3: Supplements

Understanding how to absorb all of those supplements and understanding why you need what you need is key to being healthy long term. I get scientific in this video and explain the process of vitamins like Omega 3, Calcium, Iron and B12.

Lesson 4: Tips and Tricks

In this video, you will learn several tips and tricks to help you be successful as a vegan or vegetarian. I go over what to do when out to eat, how to stay on track and much much more!